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Just getting started!... Again!

I know, I know... what do you mean, "again" Joy?

Well, imagine me all bright-eyed & bushy-tailed walking me and my two babies out of the business license office (they aren't babies anymore, but who cares, they will forever be MY babies, LOL). It was such a proud and exciting moment! I knew it meant a new life for my family and I.

See, I had always been an asset to other small business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporations using the knowledge I had gained over the years in fashion, marketing, merchandising, HR & tons of other skills. My career journey started at a very young age (you can read my bio here ) so I have always taken work very seriously. I always gave them my all and I always left a place better than I found it, having contributed to their success in some way, big and small. I took pride in my work and I still do!

But as a big dreamer you realize that your success can only go so far if you are not the final decision maker. No matter how many ideas you have, the buck stops at the boss. My problem was my God-given gift. Let me explain...

The Bigger Picture

I truly feel that I was given the gift to see the bigger picture of a thing. When most people simply see what's in front of them, I can usually see the great potential of a situation, a person, a product, a business, etc.

If you see a seedling as a great big oak tree (even in its current state) and those around you can only see the seedling as only a seedling, then there will always be a great feeling of containment.

Now let's be real... dreamers can sometimes be in the clouds, but I'm equally left-brain as I am right-brained (true story). So, I dream very big but I am also very practical. If I cannot see clearly the steps to the oak tree, I won't bother.

"So what are you saying Joy?" you ask. I am saying that it was time to put my larger-than-life, God-given dreams to work, alone and without the containment of someone else's fears. It was time to step into what I could see.


After the development of my website, creation of my logos, business cards, tags, labels, my daughter's website/blog, sewing & production of all my interior products, photos, editing, several fashion design projects, drawing a million designs for my portfolio, and adding products on several e-commerce platforms... (all done by yours truly... no help... thank you very much, lol)

Everything came to a halt!


Wait for it...


It Happened Overnight!

Yes, everything had to halt because I was now a "teacher" and a full-fulltime mom literally overnight with NO breaks. LOL

I can laugh about it now, but it was like someone stopping Jordan mid-air and saying "Wait, I got something else for you to do first!" LMBO

We know Jordan has the best hang time in history, but he wouldn't be too thrilled that he had to time-out in the middle of the momentum. #jordanfan

Initially I thought, no problem this will be EEEEASY, before I had 4 hours to work, now I have 8 while the kids are in class.


This journey of pandemic living halted everything as they needed me more than ever! I thought I was Super Mom before, but this was a SUPER DUPER mom moment; where they would need me for what felt like 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week! (as I do have 2 "wanna-be" night owl, early risers... but they got it honest 😁 so I can't be mad)

I never stopped working, but man did this slow things down tremendously!

Blessing in Disguise

Strangely enough... I HAVE NO REGRETS!! NOT ONE!!!

Business-wise this sucked, Pandemic-wise this double sucked, but Mommy-wise I will TREASURE my time with them 1 million percent! They have grown so much and before I know it they will be grown-up and gone. To see them at this stage now, I am thankful for the time, the memories, and the protection God gave us through it all! It's also been the best Wife-wise because I get to do it all right by hubby's side!💕

So here I go... Again!

For HIM, for him, for my babies & for them (those I am called to help)!💖



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